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Chalk it up to Artistic Vision

As a father,  I am amazed that beyond the unyielding din of technology kids still can find enjoyment in some of the most simple items, for example sidewalk chalk.  Guided solely by their imagination, my pint-sized Picassos always seem to brighten our front walk with a vast interpretation of wild flowers, caricatures, Justin Bieber or imagery straight out of the Magical Mystery Tour. Keeping with that train of thought - I found this trio of youngsters gathered around an unusual Volkswagen bug at the recent Great Canadian VW Show (the 20th Annual) here locally - the car was painted flat black like a chalkboard, with a bucket of sidewalk chalk just beckoning these little ones to add their artistic flair. My inner 4 year old could not imagine anything cooler than this, and I was happy to have captured them at their creative best.

2011-08-28 032

2011-08-28 032