October 2014 Theme: Cars/Car Details / by Craig Roberts

The theme chosen to represent this month, Cars and Car Details, falls into an area that I have a great affinity for ~ especially for vintage automobiles. While I can never claim to be a car-guy, I do certainly admire the older vehicles from the 30's through to the edge of the 70's; current cars don't generally draw me to them often, and when they do its only because they have features they've borrowed from those other past designs. Respecting those great engineers and designers who were able to bring their visions & classic design elements to light, I've spent the past few years focusing my attention and images on the finer details that I see when looking at these cars: headlights and tail lights, chrome grills, emblems, hood ornaments, hub & gas caps and even those absolutely imposing profiles. I've always appreciated the amount of sweat equity folks put into restoring their vehicles but am now enjoying those survivor vehicles that retain their original paint and patina, texture and battle scars.

The great thing about vehicle photography is the car community is vast; most owners are happy to exhibit and share their vehicles (and stories) , and with your subject parked and captive you can definitely take your time making creative images.

I've now added a portfolio and gallery of Vintage Automobile images to my site, please be sure to visit!

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ford fordor art for sale on Fine Art America
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