'Original Joe's Restaurant-Langley' Project / by Craig Roberts

2012-12-08 004

Towards the end of last year I was approached by a designer representing the 'Original Joe's' restaurant group, indicating they had seen my work online and was asking if I would be interested in assisting with a photographic project for the new restaurant, opening in early 2013 in Langley. Specifically, they wanted me to shoot images around the area that the restaurant was being constructed, that they would in-turn utilize to create abstract artwork in the restaurant. I spent a few hours wandering the streets trying to find objects that they could work from, having already seen some of the final designs in a couple of newly opened locations. The subject matter interest is strictly objective, but I am finding that you can find and make interesting images in even the most creatively restrictive locations, such as a roadside or back alley.

The end results, I will see this weekend when the restaurant soft-launches, but I thought that I would take a few of the images and work them up myself based on the vision I would have in mind's eye - and then compare that to the designer's interpretations.  Yes, the two colored images are HDR (and admittedly, a bit heavy-handed HDR at that ...) but again I was looking to expand creatively and artistically, rather than a more purer version of street photography, such as the monochrome image 'Private Parking'.

Postal Drop Box

'Postal Drop Box'

Private Parking

'Private Parking'

Red Wheel

'Red Wheel'

Update: after visiting the restaurant I was pleasantly surprised to see the final images and how they were adapted from the complete photos. I took a few iPhone pics, and have made a quick attempt to recreate a few of them below, as a point of comparison from my original vision. It sure has given me pause for thought about the possibilities to adapt everyday images into "art".