Natasha: A Born Natural / by Craig Roberts

2012-10-19 166

Last week I had the fortune to be invited to photograph Natasha, the adorable newborn daughter of our very good friends Lisa and Brian. Both have included me in their journey together over the past couple of years, including their engagement announcement photograph and a series of pre-wedding images we shot while vacationing on the Riviera Maya back in the spring of 2011. Additionally, Brian and I have collaborated on a few personal project shoots, the offspring of one being the very successful image, "Eyes of a Stranger". I have no doubt that Natasha will be the focus of Brian's photographic progression for the next several years, and if this shoot was any indication she is a most willing trooper, even at only 8 days old ~ over 3 hours she endured the flashes and scene-shuffling with nary a sigh or whimper, and with only 2 feeding breaks and one diaper change!