February 2012 Theme: Negative Space / by Craig Roberts

After a couple of months of theme submission hiatus I am back with a couple of offerings for the current month's theme, 'Negative Spaces'.  From a photography point-of-view, I see negative space as the area outside the main subject that is there to balance the image element, and may in fact become the main subject itself. Examples of negative space utilization can be seen all around us in advertising, art and photography; it is interesting to view images that incorporated negative space successfully, remove that negative space and see what the result would be ... in most cases the impact of the image will have been lost.

2010-06-05 002

The first photo above is one I shot in a local rec centre foyer, of a circular air duct in the middle of this vast expanse of a cement wall. I really like how the circle plays off the intersecting lines in the upper left corner. The negative space is peppered with texture from the cement which itself creates its own interest.

The second image below is of a local corner store (a dying breed thanks to the gas stations and 7-11's), the front of the building has some interesting aged brick work that I wanted to capture, but then I noticed this side of the building which held equal interest. The left side of the image is very compacted, with the 3 separate signs (plus the awning and oce cooler) and smaller building area all competing within that half of the frame, yet the negative space on the right side of the frame, from the window over to the edge, seem to create balance where one side does not appear to overpower the other.

2012-02-05 054